Monday, June 28, 2021

Heart touching short dog story

Adoptions for a dog

Cute white color dog sleeping on a bed innocently
"I found reason of happiness!!!"
                         —Isha Mysty

* Touching

* Internal  thoughts

* Loving moments

Half year ago, I searched some peace in my mind there was nothing except blood relations and some external choice of friends. That was a time when I could feel my loneliness, I could observe self, I could see self what is good in me and bad, I could feel my breaths... I could feel everything, Coz I were so alone... I tried to find something which one to come in my life  and touch to my hear! but there was nothing.

I searched in my mind what was the thing to disturbed me. I took a long breath, "what is in my mind?" "What I want?"  How can I fill my loneliness? Was there any options, No there was no options... You have to spend all life like that no one can change you, no one can for you, no one can loves you no.. no... no... Those were only my mind thoughts. 

My life will be change also. I tried to console  self... so I go to out of home alone for searching peace. "That was day gonna a biggest day of my life" It was I not known.

I was walking near a garden. Suddenly I saw a little dog in a muddy pit, trying to get out. then I stay there to see little dog moments, "In my mind (I should help) again no... he was in mud, Yuck!!!" 

At last little dog success to get out of mud. So now I walking again in garden ohh.... That was a car crossing fast that road where was a little dog. I turn back I saw little dog was very close to car` tire ohh!! The car crossed over to the little dog's tail  and a leg, so sad....!!!!! I tried to saw his closely oh the little dog hardly walk and sound a groaning!! He was weeping.

Immediately I hold his in my arm and tried to console him and took him at my home. I clean up all and dressing to injured  body parts now he was not groan, he stared me constantly and scarily. He has white color, silky and shining fur. Black small eyes which are still staring me, a wet nose... and a innocent face. I like everything because he was very cute and innocents I feel like I got a thing which can perfectly fulfill me.....Then I give him snacks and took him for hospitalization. 

White color dog inncocent dog like thinking

"After proper treatment now I decide to live with him. And give him a name Glad"
Now  I have Adopted a little dog. Now we are play together... eating together... studying together... some time my glad try to teach me like a master. I leaned how to living life happily. Some time he comes for sitting in my lap. My glad never annoyed to me whether I can annoy him but he never. And licking me. You know he is very naughty many times he drop falls over me and scratched softly.

Today, he is sleeping in my lap and I stare him like in our first meet he was stared me.


"Was it the thing which was I searching in my mind?"