Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Heartwarming dog short story 2021

 Heartwarming a dog

Heartwarming dog story 2021 Cute dog

I love my dog much! I thought you also. Your are here is that express how much you love your dogs like me! I’m not psychologist not an astrologer but I’m a pet lover. So I guess  how much you love your pet.

Now it’s time to share your love for pets. I really wanna share my dog`s naughty moment and how it can be create a bustling at home. After he leaves home for walking my home like loneliness. I can’t spend at a moment without my pet. I'm sure you also love your pet like me, and your doggy will be the reason of your happiness.

My dog name is glad (you can visit my previous post to read how can I met with my dog, Just like adoption for a dog). I hope you like “My previous post”.

 Now I’m really excited to share my buddy glad naughtiness.



Yesterday I am making a treat for my glade(doggy) buttermilk. Coz its summer time. So I prepared it and put it on the kitchen'slab. And called my dog then search him. When I saw my dog is no there. I search everywhere whole home and called him but he didn’t come then I search his in my room and listen a voice of chewing, then I saw him under the bed and chewing a toy then.

I pulled him and take him to in the kitchen but he shaken to try leave to my lap and jumping... Jumping... then run away. He was now in funny mood want to zest with me. He was totally in funny mood but it’s time for treat.  I take buttermilk bowl and put it on the table where was my laptop and android phone and then I called my pet “Glad!!!” ,  I say “Its buttermilk”. Then he comes fastly and tried to jump on table. The bowl`s buttermilk spread all over the table and my android phone and laptop. It was my time to angry on the glad.

I really angry, coz my mobile phone and laptop wet in buttermilk, then I treated him harshly and shout at him. Then I`ve a sad face like crying, because my phone totally wet in buttermilk, perhaps it cannot repair. 

Just then my dog came to give me a huggy like he realize his fault tried to placate me and he was know his mistake and he agree to apologize. Like my glad mature then me, he loves more them me and understands everything. I think he don’t know what is good and what is bad. But he prove that a animal can understand the situation like a human, then I clean my mobile phone and laptop.

But my dog face has log face and sat close the wall like he was afraid something and don’t see me. Now he was not in funny mood like he loss his happiness and think long like human, like he was gonna weep. Ohh! Just leave everything and I went to hug my doggy like him. And tries to console him softly.

Now he was better feel and I go to kitchen to make buttermilk again.

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