Tuesday, June 22, 2021

To write captions for Instagram

 How to write captions for Instagram

Quotes about dogs and captions

"While I lonely tears dripping on the floor, my dog comes and lick my tears and give me a warm hug!"

           Isha mysty

Write captions its so cool to write hanky panky captions for your Instagram selfie post, specially with you buddy "Dog". Apparently, you go Instagram, post your selfie with your fur without captions, Its not spanking for your followers to see your selfie post. Its just like  "without spices tea". whenever you post a post on Instagram try to write captions.

Ohh!! 'Captions....'

(In your mind) How can I write captions perfectly?



Thinks long.....

Me: Stop buddy!!!

Write captions about a cute fur are not difficult too. There are several way to write  captions in way.  So without any more seconds, read these tips to follow and write captions which one is relevant to your post.

  •  I try to improve self only for my dog!!
  • It's time to observe Affections!!!

How to write heart touching captions for Instagram:

First- When you are with your fur.... Feel that's moment heartily and write the words which are from your  heart. And realize, how you enjoyed life with your pets.

Second- A relation, there is no standard, status, personality, beauty nothing... Even all relations in a small word is "Dog"

  •  A dog can't ditch the relations and renounce you.
  •  I'm with my first lover and last!!! 

Third- How was your day, what is in your mind, you need something, a pet doesn't know while he can understands what is in your face, same exact time "You noticed it, sometime your fur comes to close to you and licking you and searching your affection. And that time you forget what is in your mind and what were you worried about." It's time to write captions about your doggy.

Fourth- You must have seen many times... how your doggy sitting innocently in a place and just look at you.  Jumping and move tail slowly to show her loves to you. (It's a basic nature of pets to show their love, To move tail and jumping) like your pet waiting only for you.... only for you... You can write captions... how your pet express her loves to...

Fifth- Some time you noticed, that whenever you cry and weeping in a corner of your home, your doggy comes to close. And tries to silence you, he licks your tears to console you (Because he can't talk to you so tries to console you).

How to write funny captions for Instagram:

First- Some funny captions like, your dog paw you on your face, Ohh no... face so its not fun but just take fun. Coz dog not do it intentionally. 

Second- Some time you like to play with your pets, within your doggy come to you and (enthusiasm,  zestly) lick your face and try to touch a wet nose.......

  • Let's to do some fun Dude!!!
  • Ouch!! Its paw....!!!

Third- Think.... how you spend time with your fur as a family member, how... your whole family pampers to your doggy?  and fulfills your sumless wishes. In other way, how a dog be the reason of the smile of  your family?

Ohh! Its time to spend your time with your buddy, your dog give you mash, affection and happiness to writes heartily. So now observe all activities and write captions too.