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Flematic- pro skin oil for dogs

 TTK Flematic - pro skin oil for dogs

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Product name: TTK Flematic- pro medicated herbal skin oil for dogs.

Quantity (Net Vol. when packed): 180ml


 Flematic pro skin oil is included 'Neem oil, aloe vera, camphor oil, eucalyptus, satavha, deodar oil, pongamia oil and caster oil.'


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Flematic pro skin oil is manufactured by TTK animal health (Animal Welfare Division, TTK Healthcare). This is made with natural ingredients. This is includes these ingredients, such as neem oil reduces insect feeding, aloe vera help to wound healing immediately by improving blood circulation and certain types of fungi and bacteria, camphor oil used for to relief from itching, irritation and pain. This is easily absorbed through the skin. Eucalyptus oil applied the skin as a remedy such as unccers and arthritis. Satavha oil stop hair fall, make fur softer thicker, shiner and reduces split ends. Deodar oil is used to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This is very help full to relieve from joint pains and aches also. Pongamia oil also uses for to heal wound parts of body and antimicrobial property. Caster oil is known as best oil from all above oils. The main component of caster oil is ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid.. It's few drops are works very quickly. It is used to remedy dry skin, movements of intestines, ma benefit hair as a treatment. Caster oil is also prevent or treat skin cancer.

Class/Type: Skin Care


  • Reduce insect feeding from your pets .
  • Improving blood circulation of your pet.
  • Relief from itching, irritation and pain to your pet.
  • Remedy such as unccers and arthritis. very auxiliary for your pets.
  • Stop hair fall of your canine.
  • Make fur softer thicker, shiner.
  • Relive joint pains and aches of your pooch.
  • To heal wound parts of the body of your pooch.
  • To remedy dry skin, movements of intestines.
  • Benefit hair as a treatment for your pet.

Directions for use/Dosages:

Take some drops of flemetic pro oil and apply your dog's coat. Massages for some time as well, take time for massage and then bathe after 30-60 minutes of massage with a shampoo (I prefer you to use best shampoo for dog fur)
Not needs to use every day, use only once in ten days for dog coast's that maintain healthy skin of your dog.
Or as directed by your veterinarian.


Store in cool and protect from sun light. Keep out of reach from children. Only for dog's coat not for human use. Externals use only.


It is safe for dogs. It is used for puppies over of sixth weeks of age. 

I prefer you best pet shampoos for your fur. I have personal experience, when I uses this shampoo for my pets as well as I recommend you to use these shampoo for your pet. And give me reviews if you want. Use this shampoo at least one time and review here.

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