Sunday, July 4, 2021

How to observe a new dog

Observe and train your new dog 

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 Several ways to observe your new puppy’s behavior

One day you go on dog adoptions center to get a dog. When you see different types of dogs to take one of them for adoptions. You see her fur color, face cuts, innocence, activities, and all other physical ability.

But you didn’t know what the nature of your new pet is? How can you train your new pet like new student? How should you treat him? How should you start talking with your new dog? How can you get true love back from your new pet?  How can you understand why your dog barking and shouting is? What you do for him what you not do? How do you find time for him? etc.

One way you look he try to understand what his needs and then he feel like satisfied. Start to give him time initially then gradually you can understand and your dog also.

There are some useful tips for you to observe behavior in correct way:-

  • Give him treats time to time as a fix schedule. If he not eating food to accordant your schedule, just changed the schedule.

  • In starting you have to give him treat in equilibrium way, in order that your pet eat as needed. Looks him that he wants or not.

  • If you give him treats more then according to age. He can be digestive issue and fatty. So don`t give treats him more.

  • A new pet needs more love. So you have to find a lot of time for him. He can adjust with you easily.

  • In starting a new dog has trouble to adjust in new place home and new persons. You have to keep patience to help for your new pet.

  • You have to put him in comforzone. So he can adjust easily in new place.

  • Remember a child needs love like a canine needs love. Therefore you have to spend time with him more a
  • I thought, dogs are little naughty so do naughtiness with new pet like playing hide and seek.  They feel enthusiasm.

  • Sometime you can go outdoor with your new fur. I’m sure you found positive improve in your pet behavior.

  • You can entertain him like playing with him, listening music, dancing and give him his favorite chew treats etc.

  • I’m sure you love your doggy little but your pet love you more then you.

  • Do ensure, canine need love more than treats so him loves.

  • Dogs always loyal for a doggy as dog parent so don’t be cheat them like ditch them and leave him alone.

If you want to train to your new dog in specific intention. Yes your dog learns speedily because dogs are smarter than we think. So give him love and train him with love don’t in presser. And last don’t do bad treat with him and annoy him. Coz a dog loves you truly more than you.