Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Very funny true story of dog | Reflection

 Reflection! A funny short true story about dog 

Very funny dog captions dog quotes for dog lovers for Instagram Isha Mysty
Image Credit:Unsplash


This is a very funny short true story about my dog “Glad”.

It was the first birthday of glad. One year is completed of glad when I took him at home. I decided same day of birthday when we are meet in the first time.

I decided to celebrate glad first birthday, I invited my close friends and relatives. Then arrange menu and decoration of home. I just decorate whole home with artificial white flower on wall and paw prints too. Few dishes I ready at home and some ordered online. I was preparing food in kitchen at same time door lock “Knock” ”Knock” I opened the door “Oh” It was the gift which was I booked for glad. It was very big covered in the white certain I decide to keep it in the hall and then gave charges of the presents’ man who was brought it to the home.

Now it’s 6.30 pm my friends comes and relatives also I meet every one. Then all talk to each other

I went to for bath of glad because he feels very irritating and comforted with all. After bathe I cover him in towel and dress up. I choose a very beautiful dog girl dress for him and wear it him and makeup like a little dog girl. Now glad looking likes a beautiful dummy. I bring him at down there is my all relative. Glad was met to all gladly and playing with my friend’s pets.

Now start party same as cake then all friends and relatives gift to glad now my turn, I take the present on the floor there is party and glad. Everyone very excited to see it what is the biggest thing which was covered this white certain. I gradually uncover the gift. Everyone was shocked because it is the same statue like glad. Now glad saw it. He was looking it surprise and confusingly. “What is the think looking like him?” My mind thought.

Now glad was roaming to back and forth of her statue and jumping hither and thither. Suddenly he jumps the large mirror unknowingly.

Very funny dog quotes captions for dog lovers for Instagram Isha Mysty
Image Credit:Unsplash
Oh he looks self that the mirror he was totally shocked to saw her reflection in the mirror and same as the status too shocked. Now he was some scary come to close me and try to hug me to get defense. I console him and fondle him try to understand to not need to afraid that things.

At last glad feel safe and saw again her statue and her reflection in the mirror again, he saw statue and roams around statue and saw her mirror for looks her reflection. My all friends and relative are watching all activity of glad and smiling slowly. But glad not stop to looking his statue and saw her reflection in mirror himself again and again. All children, relative are laughing together. The atmosphere of my home now fulfill with happiness. Everyone take dinner and talking each other I talk to everyone gives return gifts. And clean home after all friends are gone. Fix the decoration and remove spoiled decoration.
But glad saw himself again and again her reflection in the mirror yet.