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How to live with a dog quarantine time

 Quarantine puppy

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Changing a life suddenly seems its huge reason for this is COVID 19. Correct, we living life like a cage but with family and your beloved pet. We hear every day, all about the situation of different countries. How we are suffering from this pandemic situation.

Can your pets get covid-19 from human?

According (Centers for Disease Control) CDC, the virus spreading in animals from peoples. ‘Yes’ a canine can infect to via from COVID 19 positive human. The virus that causes coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that spreading from human to animals including dogs, cats and ferrets in some situations, mostly during most close contact.

If a person feel sick and need to isolate from everyone else, must away pets from that person prevent to spreading virus one to another.

What is coronavirus animal name?


COVID 19 Dog Symptoms:-

SARS-CoV-2 infection in animals include -

How to survive a COVID-19 quarantine with your pet?

We are all suffering this pandemic time to spending all time at home it good for a pooch for survive to make something for your canine. This global pandemic time we are cooped all time at home! It nice to spend more time with your family and with your pet, little bit boring as well , so let me introduce some dishes for your dog to prepare at home without go out and order to online, just like makes with oat, potato, curry and rice and add some vegetables for your dog to increase wealth.

Why a pet is acting like a weirdo during quarantine, explained by animal behaviorists?

In this pandemic quarantine time, we are spending all time at home, some cases you notice your canine doing some weird activity you would never see all these things of him. Something likes to lay down for long time, pee on bed whatever, barking, aggressive, separation anxiety, fearfulness and scratching door etc.

Instagram cute short heart dog love quotes for dog lovers Isha Mysty
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How to help your pet at this time?

Identify triggers

If your dog continuously doing these weird things just identify the reason for your puppy change her activity. Identify most of the cause of triggers and avoid doing that again.

 Avoid the triggers

Avoid to doing again all triggers which are the reason for.

Make bonding

First you have to make strong bonding with your beloved dog as dog parent. So it'll easily get rid from all these triggers.

Practice leadership with him

Leadership more powerful for you, if you can lead your pet as well the pet will follow your instructions and try to stop this.


 Should I get my pet tested for COVID-19?

Usually you can test your test routine for pet. We are still learning about this virus, but it appears that it can spread from people to animals in some situations. If you notice some kinda symptoms of SARS-CoV-2, then take your pet for test.

Can dogs die from covid-19?

Yes, if didn't care of a sick retriever for a long time, and last the test get COVID 19 positive then you could lose your dog.

On 31 July 2020, 7 years old dog, find a report of the testpositive for the COVID 19 in the United State, has died after being sick for three months, CNN reported Thursday.

Be aware a dog can be corona virus positive and maybe die if treatment not provide as well and care. If you found corona symptoms in your pet, take him to your vet as soon as possible.

What are some animal species that can get COVID-19?

Not sure but we are suspected that the corona virus spreading in the dogs cats and ferrets after contact to COVID 19 infected people.

What is dog quarantine cost?

For ten days quarantine, the cost is 400$

Myths about pet quarantine

Instagram cute short heart dog love quotes for dog lovers Isha Mysty
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Animals don’t like to spend full time at home like as human. They get annoy and irritate in this situation but it not mean to remain suffocate to for quarantine. While you plan to visit pet travel adventures get destroy in next moment. It’s not means it the reason for quarantine.

Quarantine facilities are like cage?

This is not true. Government provides convenient quarantine for animals. There is well trained faculty for to care animals. These animals can run around and playing there. And the separate area for cats and dogs so that fearlessly run around.

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